Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" Facoltà di Ingegneria




DIRECTOR: Marina Ruggieri    





  • In view of the growing demand from students for advanced education programmes, and from companies to enrol engineers  who have an international academic knowledge, the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (URTV), in cooperation with "Consorzio U.L.I.S.S.E., performs the Master of Science in Advanced Communications and Navigation Satellite Systems".



  • The M.Sc. is intended for graduated candidates in Engineering and Physics.
  • Lectures will be given by professionals with hands-on experience from Universities, aerospace industries, research institutions and agencies.
  •  The M.Sc. increases the skills of  graduates by providing a high professional qualification.
  • The M.Sc. develops experts able to understand, develop and manage problems and business opportunites related to the world of satellite communications and navigation.
  • The M.Sc. gives advanced skills on satellite communications and navigation systems to focus deeply on strategic, technical, economic and managerial aspects of large international aerospace projects.

  • The M.Sc. teaching program is structured in modules, stages/training activities and work projects at the facilities of M.Sc. partners in order to make professional choices easier for graduates through a direct contact with the job world.

  • Each activity corresponds to a number of credits, which depends on its complexity and duration. Attendee must obtain at least 60 credits to achieve the M.Sc..


                 Activity:                               Number of credits:

                   - Teaching module                            5
                   - Stage/Training                               15
                   - Project work                                   10



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